Increasing My Fitness Level

Worked late to late today to stop me feeling like a zombie from the time difference. Went to the gym after work – how I have missed the lovely gym. It actually felt good to do some running again. I’ve been doing abs exercises in the morning too, and it has actually made a difference to my enormous belly, even in such a short time!

This is my 7th week of exercising (Steve’s too), and I have to say I really do feel different.

a) I’m sleeping better.
b) I look healthier.
c) I feel stronger.
d) I’m actually enjoying the exercise – I want to do it, whereas in the beginning I had to make myself go.

I’m running the 5km Race For Life at the end of this month, and I really want to beat my previous time (28:59) from two years ago. I’m nowhere near it yet, and I’m heavier than I was back then, so we’ll see.

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