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I made a big decision today. I had been offered interviews for 2 technical positions at another international investment bank and I turned them down. I have also turned down a second interview request at a leading telecomms company. Why have I done this? Because I think that the business I am in the process of starting might actually be a success, and if I get a high-paying, high-stress job in the city, I won”t have any time to devote to something that could turn out to be much bigger than any bonus a company or investment bank will ever pay me.

So. Now I”ve closed the doors of opportunity in one direction, I better make damn sure that I open them in another. Right?

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This morning in a surprise move, Faye Williams, originally from Essex, rejected interviews at two large corporations in favour of setting up her own business from home. Turning down these opportunities means that Faye is faced with building a successful business, or else living out her days as a C++ programmer at an anonymous company.

“I just felt that it was the right decision at the time,” said the 31 year old Software Engineer. “I”ve always dreamed of doing this but never really had the great idea you need to start it all off until now.”

Faye hopes to see her business launched in the new year, but declined to comment further on the nature of her work.

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Essex girl Faye Williams created shockwaves this morning when she turned down interviews for top jobs in London. The fiesty programmer, who lives with her boyfriend and has 4 pet fish, is going to strike out alone and start her own business. Faye has not yet revealed the nature of her venture to anyone, but friends have hinted at how much she likes King Penguins.

Faye recently returned from California, and keeps herself trim with energetic workouts at a prestigious local health club.

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  1. LOL I love it. Hope the plans are going well. And I’m sure you have made the right decision – whatever the outcome of your business idea, you sound so positive and motivated right now that it can only be a good thing!

  2. Thank you! I’m bursting to tell all, but I want to get something live first so I can point people at it!

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