Improved Photo Vault

I’ve made some changes to the photo vault.

1. It should now be displaying correctly in Firefox, Opera and IE, after being a bit dodgy for some time.

2. I’ve also added a caption box above, so that I can start filling in some info on what all the pictures are actually about. You can see this on the latest album I’ve uploaded, which is just a few pictures of an afternoon Steve and I spent looking up my old house in Essex.

3. I removed the distracting title bar from the top, so you shouldn’t have to scroll down to see the pictures (unless you’re running low res, or have an old monitor).

4. Finally, I’ve downsized the pictures a bit, so the latest ones are slightly smaller. I’ll be retroactively reducing the existing ones as I add titles to them.

Steve and I are off to Bruges (woo hoo!) tomorrow morning, and we have a train to catch at 5.30am, so I’ll be off now to do some packing and go to bed. Back Monday.

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