I’m Unemployed

For the next three weeks.

I really did it. I left my job! Today was my last day, and I emptied out the last of my emails, cleared my desk, said my goodbyes, and made it to the pub for about midday where I spent most of the afternoon. Lots of people came to say goodbye, even though it seemed like half of the office were on holiday.

I will miss everyone!!!! I got some wine, chocolates, and some champagne, yum. And I met a bloke in the pub who knew someone who works for the new company I’m joining. Small world eh?

It doesn’t really feel like I’ve left yet. I don’t think it will hit home until Monday morning when Steve goes off to the office… and I don’t.

I’m not too devastated though. So I stand by my decision that it was the right time to go. And I’ll see everyone next week when I play badminton, so it wasn’t too sad to say goodbye (even though I nearly cried when one of the guys called me from home to say goodbye ’cause he was out sick – how lovely is that?).

And now… I suddenly have this big block of free time. Free Time!!! Buckets of it. I’ll be around here a bit more, so hopefully I’ll catch up on uploading all the pictures I’ve been promising. Today is my little brother’s birthday – Happy Birthday Little Bro!!! I’m off to see him in the morning.

Right now though, we’re going out for a curry.

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