I Wasn’t Going To Do Pregnancy Updates, But

Well, I have no one else to talk to. Apart from DH of course.

We haven’t told a soul, and we aren’t planning on telling anyone for a long time (after the birth, we’ve half-joked). And although I’m doing a pretty decent job of keeping busy, I just wanted to write something down because it feels like this has gone on forever already.

So, things.


First of all, since they don’t do beta’s here in the UK, I’ve been conducting my own personal beta-testing with a pregnancy test each morning. Studies have shown that the single biggest predictor of a viable pregnancy in the early weeks is the doubling time of HCG.

So, I took a test every single morning to check whether or not they were visually getting darker. And each morning, they did. Each line was better than the last (I noticed early on in my last pregnancy that there was a two day period where the lines didn’t change much and it turned out to be anembryonic). Each time I compared the two tests, I felt such relief that it was  doing what it should have been doing. I stopped taking them after 12 days of tests because they weren’t changing any more – I think they had reached saturation point:


I’ve also used the Clearblue digital tests that have a weeks indicator. You can see I got 1-2 weeks on the day of my 6th positive test, and 2-3 weeks on the day of my 9th positive test. Today, the day of my 14th positive test I got the wonderful 3+ weeks (they date from ovulation), so I am exactly on track for HCG levels:


I don’t know if I blogged about it, but on my last pregnancy, I didn’t get the 3+ indicator until a week later than I should have done, so my HCG levels were clearly rubbish right from the start.

So, HCG-wise, I’m happy.


None so far. It’s still early – very early. I’m currently 5w2d. I have had spotting in all of my pregnancies before 7 weeks (even the healthy ones), so I’m tentatively waiting for it, but so far no signs at all.


I’m taking my progesterone twice a day, like a good girl and my BBT is running sky-high. I’m averaging a daily temp of 98.9, which is 0.3 higher than it was with my first son in the first trimester. The progesterone is clearly being absorbed – I’m just hoping it’s not going to cause any problems.

I’m taking prednisolone too, and for the first week on it I was okay, but for the last three days I’ve been having a nightmare controlling my blood sugar (it interferes with glucose processing). I am all over the place with hunger/the shakes. In fact, I called the clinic yesterday (which I never do) because I was feeling so awful after lunch (shaking, dizzy) and my heart was running at 93bmp (my usual heart rate is 50-55bpm). I am waiting for them to confirm if they want me to do a glucose test or not. They suggested eating a really solid meal and resting, which I’ve done, but I started shaking again this morning 90 minutes after breakfast (porridge and a banana), and it was so bad I struggled to fill out a form when I did preschool drop-off. I came home and tested my blood sugar, which was 5.6 (normal), but I felt dreadful, so I ate a portion of butternut squash risotto plus another banana and an apple. That helped a lot, but now I’ve basically had breakfast and lunch by 9:30am and I still feel a bit lightheaded.

I’ve also got a sore throat and a stuffy nose, courtesy of my oldest son, and I think where prednisolone suppresses your immune system (and pregnancy does too), you can be more sick than you realise because your body doesn’t react to the illness.

I can’t really tell if I’m hungry or ill or what, I just know that I don’t feel right at the moment. My gut feeling is that I’m just extremely bloody hungry, but I thought 5 weeks was a bit early to be suffering pregnancy-induced hunger.

When I think back to how I was with my first son though, I remember it being all-consuming. I ate and ate and ate for months on end (and put on 3 stone). So maybe it is. Maybe this is just what a healthy pregnancy feels like and I can’t remember because the last 7 attempts weren’t.

10,000 steps

I’ve walked at least 10,000 steps every, single day since the first faint line appeared on a test. I’ve read so much about blood flow to the uterus, and I know how important moving around is. It helps drainage, lymph, it delivers oxygen, promotes waste clearance, reduces inflammation and boosts mood. Walking is my talisman. I do it because I want to provide the right environment for this pregnancy and I know that by moving my body, gently, for extended periods every single day, I’m doing what I can to energise and oxygenate my body (and my baby – gosh, it feels crazy even writing that!) without wearing myself out.


Emotionally/mentally, I’ve been doing pretty good. I haven’t had any premonitions of doom, I’ve been quite positive (in a cautious way), and aside from a couple of freak-out moments at about 4 weeks, I’ve kept myself busy and occupied with other things. I’m definitely erring more on the side of  assuming it’s all going to be okay, which is a nice place to be. What has really helped me this time though is a) being under the care of the clinic – they are literally at the end of the phone if I need them. How cool is that? and b) my personal HCG experiments have reassured me that for now, at least, everything is looking pretty good.

Other stuff

No other stuff to report at all. No bloating, no weight gain (I’ve been resisting eating stupid amounts, but given how shit that is making me feel I might just stop doing that and stuff my face like crazy. I am now eating a full meal every 2.5 hours  because I have the appetite of a gladiator), no cramps, no nausea, no nothing. It’s still too early.

If I really search for things, I’d say I’ve been a bit more tired in the evenings (but not loads), and I’ve had the odd day where things have felt a little heavy and tender in my uterus. But that’s it.

So there we go. Eight more days until the scan, at which point I’ll be 6w3d and hoping beyond all hope that there is a good heartbeat.

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