I Love My Job

Sometimes I am filled with pure joy at what I do. Mornings like this one make me adore the place I work at, and love every opportunity I have been given since I started there. I’m on the last day of a SAS course (Serial Attached SCSI), and we have hardware to play with – we’re going to run an analyser on the power on and discovery process and examine it in the light of what we’ve been taught about how it all works.

The prototype boards all look so cool, and I just feel so inspired to learn everything there is to know about programming and protocols and standards and everything about ELECTRONS there possibly is to learn. I want to build stuff at home and be an expert in it all.

There’s no politics in the air, everyone seems happy getting into the new projects that have all been started and the morale in the office is so much better than it’s been for months.

And the guys from the UK are in the US office today – nearly all of us out here again, and it’s been months since I’ve seen them, and some of them are such amazing engineers, and I’m so happy to see everyone and have the privilege of working with them, I really couldn’t ask for anything more in what I do and I know I will love my job forever, even though sometimes it frustrates me and I think I hate it and say I’m going to leave.

I don’t think I ever would really :-)

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