I am Massive

I’ve always shown really early.

With DS1 I couldn’t button up any of my jeans at 6 weeks. Luckily, I was wearing generally baggier clothes with DS2, so it was a little longer before I had the same problem (and it was easier to hide because I weighed more).

I don’t know why I show so early. The baby is tiny (if it’s growing properly, it is the size of a lentil right now). So I can only assume that it is a combination of the thicker lining of the uterus, the fluid-filled pregnancy sac (maybe I have big sacs?), general fluid retention, the fact that I’m quite small to start with and my extremely slack stomach muscles. I suppose if my intestines are pushed up even an inch, my weak abdominal wall just lets them spill straight out in front. Oh the joy of the post-childbirth body.

This is what my stomach looked like before I got pregnant for the first time (cue poor quality holiday pic):


I spent the whole of my teens in severe angst about my skinny body and lack of womanly curves. I had tiny boobs, a tiny bum and no belly. I thought I looked like a stick.

Then, this was my belly with my first pregnancy, at 8 weeks:


At this point, because I didn’t fit into my own jeans, I had to buy the next size up. They were baggy around my bum, but I wasn’t big enough for maternity wear. Eugh. Even though I was still small, I walked around feeling fat and frumpy and nauseous and fed up. I had spent most of my twenties wearing skin-tight clothing and I wasn’t too enamoured with the idea of wearing frumpy trousers to hide the fact I was pregnant.

I don’t have a picture of the early weeks of DS2 (I spent most of the first trimester with swine flu – seriously – it still seems like a miracle DS2 survived), but I was bigger second time around.

And this time?

I took these yesterday (6 weeks):



I’m just fat now, right?

The thing is, I weigh LESS now that I did when I got pregnant with DS2.

But I am massive.

If I turn up to that scan tomorrow and they tell me there is no baby growing in there…

There’s got to be something going on, right?

Gawd, I hope I haven’t got some kind of fast growing fibroid, or weird tumour, or excess amniotic fluid, or some other horrible affliction.

My uterus feels really sore and swollen and I am not very comfortable.

I think I might be incubating a dinosaur.

10 thoughts on “I am Massive”

  1. Hey go with it girl! Who cares! You’re looking good. It just means you won’t be hiding it for long but I’m taking this as a very good sign that things are going well! I’m glad you posted because I was just about to come check on you! For what it’s worth I’ve been showing for a while too. I can’t tell if it’s the Prednisolone making me fat (it is) or what but last time at this stage I was big too. Worth it! So excited for you! Xxx

  2. I felt big at 6 weeks with my 2nd…I was terrified I was having twins! I think our bodies just know exactly what to do after the first and get right to it 🙂 Eager to hear about your scan! 🙂

  3. First of all, you look AMAZING and I would kill for your body! Beautiful. Anyway, it does seem early to show that much, but they say with every subsequent pregnancy you show earlier and earlier, so I’m sure it’s just your uterus growing and getting ready. You’ll know much more after the scan, too, so hang in there until then! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

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