Homemade Vinegar Water Surface Cleaner

surface cleaner

I’m quite excited about this morning’s activity. Home made cleaning products!

I have been using e-cloths for a while and love how well they work, but despite scientific evidence that says they remove 99% of bacteria, I still have reservations about using them when you are repeatedly rinsing and wiping over food preparation areas.

Also, when you’re cleaning a greasy oven with just an e-cloth and water it really smells horrible.

I won’t be ditching my e-cloths, as I love them, but for spraying over food areas, this home-made cleaner works a treat, isn’t at all dangerous for children and makes me happier that I’m doing a hygienic job.

It is excellent for cutting through grease (I just used it to clean the spots off the oven and the toaster which sits next to the hob), and it even leaves a nice smell afterwards. I hate the smell of vinegar so I’m really pleased with how this has turned out.

You can use this just about anywhere, but I’ve made it for wiping over kitchen surfaces, appliances, doors, and all around the bathroom.

You will need:

  • Tap water
  • 200ml distilled white malt vinegar (you can use ordinary malt vinegar, or any vinegar in fact, but I like the clear stuff because it looks nicer)
  • Essential oil of your choice (I used tea tree and lavender)
  • A spray bottle

What to do:

1) Take your spray bottle (mine holds half a litre):

2) Pour in 200ml of vinegar (less than 50p in Asda for this bottle!):


3) Add 300ml of tap water, to make 500ml in total.

4) Add essential oils – I used 10 drops of tea tree and 10 drops of lavender:

essential oils

5) Pop the lid on, give it a quick shake and voilà! Home made surface cleaner!

You can even add a label if you like – my labeller is one of my favourite toys 😉

This makes quite a potent mix. You could halve the amount of vinegar and essential oil and just top up with more water if you wanted something milder.

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