Homemade Vinegar Hair Conditioner

hair conditioner

It’s taken me several weeks to get the measurements right for me, but finally, here it is.

I use:

  • 20ml vinegar (either apple cider vinegar, or distilled white vinegar. I prefer white because I think it smells slightly less offensive 😉 )
  • 220ml water
  • 2 drops lavender essential oil

This makes enough for one cup of rinse, which I pour over my hair after washing. I leave it in for a couple of minutes and rinse away.

I rinse quite a lot to get the vinegar smell out – you know you’ve done it right when you can’t really smell vinegar after you get out of the shower, just a faint hint of lavender.

Much nicer.

I’ve really grown to love how this makes my hair feel soft as soon as I pour it on.

Until today I was making it up each time I showered, but today I made up bottles for the shower (courtesy of Ikea).

To fill each bottle I used:

  • 32ml vinegar
  • 350ml water
  • 3 drops lavendar essential oil

Now I can shower and just pour half a bottle into a cup I keep in the shower, without any faffing around beforehand 🙂

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  1. I like reading about what you are making. It inspired me to create an organic mix of dark brown sugar, light brown sugar, cane sugar and coconut oil scrub that I am so excited to use today!

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