We made it home!

After the fiasco at the airport on Saturday, we arrived extra early on Sunday, were first in the queue to check in and also upgraded to premium economy with miles. We had great seats in front of the emergency exit, so loads of room, plus champagne when we boarded. Virgin have just about redeemed themselves.

I slept for 12 hours last night from 8 til 8 (thank you melatonin), but am still feeling a bit weird today. Willpower and happiness at being back in the UK will get me over the jetlag super quick this time though. Turned up at work to find none of the US stuff has arrived yet, so can’t do too much at the moment. In the meantime have lined up 7 flats to look at tomorrow. There’s loads on the market!

My car tyres had gone down, but the car tyre place I took them to couldn’t find any holes, so I’m guessing my car was just wilting from lack of attention.

It is SO GREAT to be home!!!

Dad brought me tea in bed this morning, and the weather is cold but not too severe.

Everything I look at is lovely – English countryside (gorgeous!), English licence plates (so neat and tidy!), English people (so pale and miserable looking!), English shops (full of stuff I know!). When I took the car to the tyre place, a 4×4 pulled up containing three dogs and a dead fox on the dashboard. Two men jumped out in wellies and gave the tyre man a deflated tractor tyre. Real English farmers!! How cool! :-D

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