Holiday Notes

In Tenerife

Hurrah! – we survived the 28 hour journey there (and made our connecting flight 7 minutes before it was due to leave Gatwick, result!). Holiday photos from the gloriously sunny Tenerife and a quick wander down the Strip at Las Vegas are now available … why do holidays always go so fast?

They go even faster when it takes two days to recover from the jet lag and then you discover you can buy a tanker of beer for 70p.

Eating out in Tenerife is even cheaper than eating out in America (is this some global conspiracy to make me grow bigger?). We ate lots of lovely English food, including the most excellent scrambled eggs provided by Steve’s mum while feeding the hoard of people demanding breakfast. We listened to lots of karaoke (some very good, some… interesting) and generally wandered around feeling very pleased with ourselves for being there instead of at work. And Tenerife is HOT. Even in November it’s scorching in the daytime.

Tenerife Pool

As Miss Tipex, I’m not sporting a tan of any kind, but trust me – that’s not an indication of the weather, just the effectiveness of my 4 layers of factor 30.

For most of us, our days generally consisted of:

  • go to the pool
  • eat
  • drink sangria
  • blissful sleep
  • repeat

Except in Holly’s case, where sleep was replaced with bar/nightclub for the entire week. Am I the only one who thinks she has struck a personal deal with powergen? This is the same Holly who suffered no sleep problems when she came to visit us in America a few weeks back, and then travelled home on an 11 hour night-flight, continued on through the day and survived an all-night party before getting up to go to work the next morning. Incredible.

Tenerife was followed by a return to the US via a stoppover in Las Vegas, which is amazing. Oh it’s amazing. It’s really, really amazing. It’s all neon and fairytale-ish and everything. Unfortunately I was struck down with a random chest infection that left me thinking I was going to die, on top of the fact that we had just got used to UK time, so we were actually wandering around at the equivalent of 3am. In fact, if it wasn’t for the couple of pictures I took, I’d think I imagined the whole thing.

Las Vegas

The general consensus for both places is we have to go back for more. We want more! More holidays, more sun, more sangria, more neon. So that’s the end of a successful holiday season for another year, as the er…. other holiday season is rapidly approaching, and it’s time to start thinking about Santa again and dusty old relatives you forgot you had (oops, I mean that in a nice way, honest). So enjoy the pics – they make it a total of 1,000 photos in the database!

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