Healthy Eating Plateau

Well, it’s been a whole two weeks now (15 days to be exact) since I cut out sugar and massively increased my raw food intake.

The first three days were a little hairy. The next seven were amazing – I started sleeping better, felt more content and alert, my skin tone evened out and my weight started to drop.

I’ve noticed over the last few days that the massive improvements have tailed off. I guess it couldn’t carry on at such a rate, but I’m wondering when I’ll notice the next ‘step’, so to speak.

I guess bigger changes will require a longer investment in a really great diet. I’m hoping that on a cellular level, things are improving even though I can’t see the outward changes at the moment.

A big part of my motivation has been how great I’ve felt and the subtle changes in my appearance.

At the moment I’m feeling more tired than usual, like I’m running a bit of a sleep deficit (hey, I have two kids, what else should I expect?!), but only at certain times of the day (mid afternoon is the worst time). I’m hoping that the tiredness is going to start tailing off and I’ll have more consistent energy levels soon. Although part of me wonders if I need to address my caffeine habit before that will happen. I don’t have loads of caffeine, maybe 3/4 cups of tea a day, but it has always massively affected my ability to sleep, and currently I can barely get going in the morning before I’ve had a mug of tea.

Early night for me tonight, I think. Absolutely shattered.

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