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  1. Sounds like a great first appt. I actually have lots to say about this but not sure my brain will remember it all as I type. Let’s see! Ha!

    1. Knowing what you are going to eat each meal really does help. I was only thinking this morning that I haven’t actually craved naughty food that much on my current program and I think it’s down to having all my meals and snacks planned out for me. If I’m hungry I just eat what is next on my plan and then it passes. If I had to make the decision myself at the time then I’m not sure if I’d be as successful. Maybe make your own snack bags up for the fridge and label them? Try to be a bit creative too. So not the same thing each day. I can send you a screen shot of what my afternoon and morning snacks are across the week if that helps.

    2. There is a great recipe storing app out there called Paprika. It costs to buys it but it is VERY good. It can transfer many recipes online just from a URL and it is easy to add your own. I started doing this before Lite n Easy and it really made meal planning easy. Once I’d chosen my meals for the week it combined all the ingredients and made a shopping list. I just went through the list and unchecked the items already in my pantry and then shopped using the list for what remained. Once I am off this program I will use it again for sure.

    I’m sure there was more but I’ve forgotten for now. Good luck!!! Hope it all goes well x

    • Oh my – this is brilliant. I had actually forgotten about a meal planning app (mealboard) that I bought ages ago that sounds very similar. I never got around to using it but I read this and dug it out again. I can add recipes (urls or my own), plan meals and like you said create a shopping list (how handy is that??). I am definitely going to start using it.

      And you are so right about planning taking away the temptation. If you plan e.g. 3 meals and 2 snacks daily for the week you turn 35 future decisions into one decision making process, thus sparing yourself all the energy and effort of deciding 5x a day. In fact, thinking about it like that, why would anyone not meal plan? Thank you for this. I have got so much planning to do, lol!

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