Healthy Eating Bizarre Side Effect

You know what I noticed yesterday?

The hard skin on my feet is about 80% gone. How strange and random is this? I’ve been on a probably 40-50% raw diet for almost 4 weeks now and this is the funniest thing I have noticed so far.

I’ve always suffered hard skin and callouses around the back of my heels, on the sides of my big toe joints and on the sides of my big toes. Now and again I’d give them a good scrub to keep the skin getting too bad, but those spots have been prone to hardening up my whole life.

Yesterday I was rubbing my feet together in front of the TV thinking, oooo smooth. But then I thought, hey, when was the last time I paid my feet any attention? Months ago!

Is that from my diet then? And if so, how very, very odd.

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