Happy Friday

Sorry about yesterday’s rant. It was just one of those days where everyone annoyed me!

I spent an hour awake at 2am last night, thinking about the teacher thing. For some reason my son’s teacher intimidates me. I have no real clue why, and I’m usually fairly good with people, but I really had to bolster myself psychologically this morning to go in and talk to her (I wasn’t sure if she’d be there but she was). She said she didn’t know about the hitting (she was doing some course or other on site) and she said she forgot to share his swimming achievement with the class because yesterday was ‘so manic’. She will be doing it today, so my little man will be happy and that’s what counts. She’s not normally there on a Friday so I was really glad I saw¬†her and got it out of the way before the weekend. I need to be more confident dealing with her in future.

Facebook… bah. It’s just rubbish isn’t it? It’s such a crap way to maintain contact. The thing is it’s so easy, and requires less effort than emails/phone calls/visits. It brings me back though to my original thoughts about quitting: i.e. that I’d rather make the effort for a select few friendships and not use Facebook at all. I think I’ll just leave it be for a while.

It’s only a week and a half until the big summer holidays and I’ll have my boys home with me every day. I may drop off the face of the planet in that time, as I don’t seem to be able to get computer time in when I have them 24/7. I’ll be reading all your posts though, as I don’t want to miss out on how it’s going with you all!

The spare room is still half-ready, the house is still half-tidy and I have a massive, massive list of things I need to do, research and (less so) buy before the end of November.

Has anyone used a doula? I’m getting nervous about birth support. I need to work through some of my own issues as well, before getting my mindset right for the big event. And I have a whole ball of anxiety about this baby being a girl, because of the relationship I had and have with my own mother (very far from normal). I need to work through that too. It will no doubt involve some lengthy and emotional posts about my childhood, haha!

I have about 15 to-dos that are half finished and it’s driving me crazy. I really just want everything done, done, done; a spotless house, a freezer full of food, no icky tasks hanging around and to sit back, relax and know that I can be the best mum I can be to all my children. All this ‘life’ stuff keeps getting in the way.

And on that note, I’m off to get something done.

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