Handy Nutrition Pyramid

I borrowed a book from the library called Nourish & Glow: The 10 Day Plan, by Amelia Freer.

It has a 10 day vegan menu which I might follow once we’ve run down some of the stocks here at home. However, in the interim I was reading it last night and I thought I would share something which I found quite useful. She uses a nutrition pyramid with circles to tick off as you eat your meals throughout the day. I like it because it only focuses on the positive things you are eating, rather than telling you what you shouldn’t be having. I printed off several to use at home. You can find them here.

My vegan-not-vegan biscuits went down really well with the boys. My daughter was not keen. In fact, her comment was “too spicy!”

She is only two and the recipe uses a fair amount of salt to match real digestives. I don’t usually add any salt to our food, so even for me they are on the salty side. I think these are something I’ll try again, but I’ll use less salt next time and I may substitute the coconut oil with something else as I think the flavour detracts from what is otherwise a great biscuit.

Today’s fridge/freezer status

Nothing new to report here other than using up the mince, as we’ve been eating leftover roast chicken and the fishfingers are still going strong.



Whole, organic chicken


Organic butter
Organic cheddar
Mini Baby Bels
Yoghurts (kids)
Plain yoghurt (me)
Dairy-lea dunkers
Salad cream
Organic, free range eggs



2 packs of leftovers from the roast chicken
1 organic chicken breast
2 wild caught salmon steaks
5 hot dogs
1/2 pack organic minced beef




Today I made some date and pistachio cookies from a book called Get The Glow by Madeliene Shaw. I’ve made these before but the dough was SO hard to mix by hand, and they were far too sweet. This time around I halved the sugar and used less salt. They turned out a total WINNER.

I could eat the entire batch! And with less dried ingredients they were much easier to mix. Not vegan – they require 1 egg. But I can work on that. And I think I could still cut the sugar a little (misprint I wonder?). Yum!

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