Gym Trek 2

This morning was marginally more successful:

07.00 alarm went off
07.18 got up
07.25 in car (including de-icing time)
07.39 at gym
08.39 out of gym
08.55 at work
09.00 at desk

Am aching a bit. All my weights are v heavy from before America. I must’ve been fitter than I thought.

Horrible traffic this morning, including two female drivers obviously suffering from high blood pressure. Not overly motivated workwise today, and as is common when I get fed up with what I’m working on, I’ve been fantasizing about becoming a lecturer. It’s always been my back-up plan career-wise, right from my first degree in Economics. It’s something I have always pictured myself doing if nothing else worked out, or if I got bored of everything else. It’s my little security blanket.

Ah well, lunch over – better get back to the code… get another couple of hundred lines down this afternoon, before I go to visit my Dad and Bro.

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