Gossip, gossip

I’ve had tentative questions from colleagues and wide-eyed stares over the fact that I am leaving my job. It’s as though I am doing something so out of the ordinary that people aren’t really sure how to behave. In fact, they are behaving almost as though a distant relative of mine has passed away.

Now, it is true that no one ever leaves the company, but I am surprised at the reverence which everyone has applied to their conversations with me.

And this evening, totally out of the blue, a girlfriend of mine who I haven’t seen for months on end turned up at my door because she was ‘just passing’.

Now. I am an old cynic who, in my time, has had the unfortunate experience of seeing the worst side of human nature on some horrible occasions. So I might be a happy-go-lucky, pink-loving girlie in most people’s opinions, but underneath I still have a streak of troubled street urchin in me and immediately I suspected that the only reason she was here, was because she wanted the full story on where I was going.

See, the thing is, she is married to the chap at work who I fell out with a few months back (explained at the bottom of this entry, and mentioned in annoyance here), and who never really talks to me anymore, even though once upon a time we were good friends. And he is best friends with my old porn-watching manager, who sometimes has the mental age of a power-crazed 17 year old.

And maybe I am being a little bit paranoid, but when Steve spilt the beans (I had already processed the potential for her visit and had decided not to mention the new job at all), she wanted to know everything. So I was very vague and told her hardly anything. And this bothers me.

It bothers me because we used to be good friends, and I feel sad that she would turn up just to find out something because her husband had told her he’d heard I was leaving and wanted the details.

Maybe I am being overly suspicious, Maybe she geniunely dropped in because we haven’t seen each other for so long, and she wanted to do something about it. Maybe it’s all in my head. I hope so. Even to me it sounds a bit far-fetched, but I know how weird said colleagues are, how they have always gossiped more than any girls I have ever worked with, and of course at the end of the day, everyone has got to be wondering… is Steve leaving too?

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