Goodbye 2013

My last post was a bit of an emotional torrent.

Ah, feelings and emotions – they are so complicated sometimes. I wish I had time to blog more – I would hate you all to think that I spend my days mired in misery. I am genuinely a pretty positive person, honestly!

Anyway, I wanted to finish on a happier note, given that this is the last time I’ll post this year.

It’s been a long one, mainly punctuated by the monthly cycle of hope followed by bitter disappointment.

I don’t want 2014 to be the same, so whatever the outcome, I must try to hang onto logical thinking and not let TTC be the main focus of the year. Hell, I would never have expected TTC to be the main focus of the year in 2013, but you never can predict what life is going to throw at you.

As the last hours of the year trickle away, I can say I fully expected we would be a family of five by this point and it seems incredible to me that it isn’t the case.

Anyway, all of that aside, I am filled with hope and joy at the gift of another year, all new and shiny and untainted.

I am wishing for good things for one and for all, whatever they may be.

Stay happy, and Happy New Year!

11 thoughts on “Goodbye 2013”

  1. Happy New Year, Rose. I feel some of your pain. I really do. I’ve been TTC since June now and it’s getting hard. It was SO easy with Monkey. I WISH I could blog about it but my friends and family read my blog so I’ve limited my ability there. Boo. Anyway…here to a fabulous 2014 for us both x

    • Nooo!!! I didn’t know!!!! Of course if family/friends read I’m not surprised you’re not sharing as it’s pretty intimate info. Oh lordy – I wish I could give you a big hug right now!!! 6 months is painful, especially if you found it easy before (it was the same here!). Let’s hope we’re in the queue for 2014 and that we can keep our heads together over the whole thing Xxx

      • Exactly!! I have been dying to write about. Sometimes I think fuck it and that I will but Monkey’s dad is very private and his mum reads the blog and she just wouldn’t like it all been shared either. I’ve been writing about it separately and will post if I ever actually get preggers. There’s SO MUCH to say though as I’m trying with Monkey’s dad even though we remain seperated. We both dearly want a sibling for him and our co-parenting works really well. So as you can see lots of fodder for blog posts in there. It’s killing me not to write about it!!!!!

    • Ok, I feel like I’m eavesdropping but holy cow Rachael! I had no idea, you are good at not even hinting! I’m very curious about your whole dynamic with Monkey’s dad and am so very impressed and admire the way you guys make this all work. Very cool to say the least. xo

      • Haha I was actually hoping some of my little blogging family would see the comment. I’m seriously considering starting an anonymous blog so I can write about it all. That one I would blog so regularly. More a just whenever thing. If I do go down that path I will make sure you guys know where to find it. It’s just people on facebook etc who I don’t want to know the ins and outs. Friends and fam know we are doing this but not all know the finer details. Anyway thanks both of you for your excitement. It’s super exciting. I wish I’d just get preggers!!!! Xx

  2. Happy New Year Rose! I hope 2014 is awesome for you. I know you’re a happy lady, I can feel it in your writings. I often wonder if my words sound too heavy and sad at times, but we often perceive our writings in a totally different way than they are received, that to me, is the beauty of blogging. xo

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