Going Shampoo Free With Clay

When I first stopped using shampoo, I went with sodium bicarbonate as a cleanser, and vinegar as a conditioner.

I muddled along on this for three months, not very happily, and eventually decided I needed to find something else.

I had seen the odd comment about using clay to wash hair, but had only seen it for sale in the US until I stumbled upon a supplier by accident via this post about cutting down your grocery bill (gone!).

My rhassoul clay turned up in an unassuming white paper bag and I couldn’t imagine what it was going to be like to use.

I felt a little resistance at first, because I was worried about the mess, making up the right quantity, whether it would actually work, etc…

However, it was fine. And I much preferred it to the sodium bicarb. It left my hair feeling cleaner and I think it is a bit gentler on the hair as well.

However, I have since switched back to using organic bottled shampoo (Avalon Organics), as at the moment I am finding it too much hassle in the shower with two small boys waiting for me to get out.

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