Going Chemical Free in the Bathroom

chemical toiletries

The photo above shows my collection of bathroom toiletries (excluding make-up).

These are the things that I use regularly to keep myself clean.


I want to switch to completely natural products for self care. I want my shampoo, conditioner, cleanser, moisturizer, shower gel, etc. to all contain ingredients I am not afraid of.

And ideally I’d like simple, no-fuss solutions that I can concoct at home.

First for myself and then for the children.

So, I’ve been doing some research, and have lined up the following ideas:


Natural shampoo seems to come down to a bicarbonate of soda wash, a vinegar wash or a lemon wash.

Conditioning options seem to be jojoba oil, coconut oil or shea butter.

My 30 day No Poo Trial


Milk and yoghurt, but also oil. Muslin cloths seem to be a good thing to use too.


Lots of options for making your own, but the simple ones that appeal are:

Jojoba oil, coconut oil or shea butter. Possibly with some essential oil mixed in.


I’ve pretty much stopped using aluminium-based anti-perspirant over the last few months (while ttc), and have a Pit Rok spray and a Bionsen stick. The stick smells a little masculine for me. Neither of them are amazingly effective if you have a hot and sweaty day, but having an extra wash here and there is preferable to spraying aluminium next to my breast tissue, huh? 😉

My first attempt at home-made deodorant.


I have used Kingfisher toothpaste for years and love it. No fluoride, nothing nasty, both my kids use it too 🙂


Since having kids DH and I have got into the habit of having endless bottles of this lying around the house. Food prep, snotty noses and nappy changing takes its toll on your hands.

I need to find a natural solution that is easy for all of us to use, so this one requires more research…


I don’t wear it at all really these days, because I don’t like the smell of it on my children (other people’s perfume on my children is a particular anti-favourite).

But it might be nice for DH if I didn’t just smell faintly of chemical mix shower gel all the time.

Another one to leave aside until I’ve got the basics sorted. Although I think the basics will probably smell a whole lot better anyway for starters.

Next step? I’m going to take the plunge.

I have shea butter on order, jojoba oil, coconut oil, bicarb of soda and some essential oils in the house already. I’ll pick up some lemons and vinegar, start experimenting and see what happens!

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