Goals and Things

I’ve been sidetracked with first trimester angst since I started this blog (oh the irony – I start another blog to move away from not being able to have a baby, and suddenly my body thinks it might want to have a baby after all).

So, I’ve kind of lost focus – but today I’m making a stand. My nausea is ever-so-slightly-less-awful-than-horrendous today, so I think I might be emerging from the prison of tears and sickness I’ve been in for the last month.

And I wanted to get back to what this was all meant to be about in the first place – I wanted to start a record of things I’d done, and ways I’d found to be more productive. I wanted to blog about minimalism, health goals, and basically creating and living a life that I love.

So, in an attempt to get some kind of balance back here, and to stop me going on and on AND ON about how sh*t I feel, I’d like to introduce my Impossible List. Ta da!!

Now all I have to do is actually achieve some of the things on it 😉

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