Gluten Free Day 4 | TTC Thoughts

A bit of a rambling post today.

I wasn’t planning on updating my gluten free progress so much, since I’d already cut down on wheat and didn’t think the odd pizza or piece of cake would be making that much difference.

However, in the four days I have been gluten free, I have bizarrely lost 1kg (2.2lb) without even trying.

And my mood is just awesome, I feel so light and energetic. And I’ve also noticed that over the last two days, waking up in the morning has been like surfacing from the deepest sleep I’ve ever had. I had a very similar thing when I cut down caffeine, which eventually settled. It’s like my body is restoring and repairing on turbo while I sleep in the first few days of giving something up, and waking up from that sleep takes a lot of effort. I think if I didn’t have DS1 and DS2 waking me up, I probably would have slept 12+ hours the last two nights.

It’s all good so far, and I’m feeling the physical benefit far more that I expected.

It’s cycle day 7, so AF is out of the way and we’re heading into my fertile week rapidly. This will be our 7th try since my missed miscarriage and although I know it’s dangerous to decide that a certain cycle is going to be the one because of the emotional fall-out when it doesn’t happen, I’ve decided that this is going to be the one šŸ˜‰

We go on holiday on cycle day 29, which is the day that AF would be due. This is quite nice timing because it means if it doesn’t work, DH and I can have a relaxed holiday and enjoy a drink with dinner etc. and not be worrying about a baby and whether it’s going to stay with us this time.

But I really hope it works this month.

Sometimes I just can’t believe that it’s taken so long when in the past it just happened straight away, over and over again.

I can’t imagine what must be different now to have delayed things so much.

Come on baby number 3, we are all excited and eager and waiting for you!

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