Girl Power

I had a telephone chat this evening with a major player in the banking industry, for a position on one of their financial software teams.

Did you ever watch “Spaced”?

Did you ever see the scene where Daisy goes for an interview with the magazine “Flaps”?

Where half way through she thinks to herself “I knew I should have bought Huge Fat C*cks“?

Where she goes home and tells Tim she actually said the words “Girl Power”?

And Tim does this:

spaced girl power

That’s pretty much how it went.

2 thoughts on “Girl Power”

  1. Sorry to hear that. Although I know I stay away from any catch phrases like ”girl power” and pretend I’m just a lowly worker who is happy to do the bidding of whatever god is interviewing me.

    Then I”ll wait to infiltrate the team and control them through my hypnoteyes look until they are all doing my bidding while I play the whispery ”girl power” chant in the background.

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