Getting Up Before My Children

This morning, in total clarity, I realized why my mornings are so stressful and why I am so miserable for the first hour after getting out of bed.

My children are my alarm clock.

Somewhere between 6am and 6:45am the boys wake up (if one is asleep he gets woken pretty quickly by the other), and then it’s our turn. Before DH and I have even opened our eyes, DS1 is up and running around the top of the house and DS2 is yelling to be lifted out of his cot.

There’s a nappy to change while DS1 hangs on doors, rummages through cupboards and tries to use my bedside basal temperature thermometer as a miniature hammer. Then after we get everyone downstairs there is the fussing and decision-making over what to eat (DS1) and the shouting to be fed by the right parent in exactly the right manner (DS2).

Then there is mess to clear up, drinks that are needed and a struggle to get both boys to finish breakfast instead of running riot after three-quarters of a bowl of porridge because it’s been 12 hours since they last played with any toys and they need to get on with playing right now.

By the time I sit down to eat my breakfast, DS2 is crying for a story and DS1 is asking to go out.

Mornings are generally not great in our household. I am often snappy and irritable during all of the above because I just want to eat my breakfast in peace, dammit.

Before I had children, I would get out of bed and immediately eat. I am starving when I wake up so I’d have breakfast, a cup of tea and then I’d take a nice long shower, get dressed and be ready for the day.

The problem isn’t that I’m not a morning person, because I am. My brain functions twice as fast in the mornings and I do my best problem solving at that time. The problem is that I don’t deal with chaos very well when I am unprepared for it. And I am not prepared for anything when I am hungry and still in my pyjamas.


As much as it pains me to think that this might be the solution, I am going to try getting up before my boys. Just maybe, if I get up early enough to eat and get dressed (and hey, who knows, maybe even get a bit of ‘me’ time in), I will be a happier, more attentive and more capable mother in the mornings.

I will have to go to bed slightly earlier (I can hear DH sighing already, as I always turn in before 9:30pm as it is). I need my sleep and will have to make it up in the early part of the night.

Tomorrow I’m going to try for 6:15am.

I’ll let you know how it goes 😉

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  1. Great idea! I might try that too. Whenever I accidentally wake before my little one it is also sooooo blissful and I feel much calmer so I think you are on to something! I’m interested to hear how it goes. 🙂

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