Getting Up Before My Children – Update

Four days in and this is not exactly a success so far. Ha.

My new get-up-before-the-kids alarm is set for 6:15am (they have a Gro-clock that goes yellow at 6:45am). However, what I hadn’t appreciated is that I must have been sleeping through a fair amount of shouting in the morning as they wake up really early every day.

Day 1

Get up at about 6:20. Very tired. Eat breakfast. Make a cup of tea. Drink tea. Feel very tired. DS2 wakes up at 6:30am.

I am happy to see him and I also wake up DS1 and make their breakfast. We have a nice morning. Success!

I foolishly think this is going to be easy.

Day 2

I don’t get to sleep until 1am because DS1 does his first, ever, real sleepover with Nanny and I feel like there is a hole in our holiday chalet without him there.

My alarm goes off at 6:15am but I am exhausted so I turn it off and DH gets up and does breakfast.

Day 3

I am woken at 6:10am by DS2 shouting “Mamaaa?!”.

I switch off my alarm and drag myself out of bed at 6:30am when the shouting starts to sound like distress.

Day 4 (back home, hurrah!)

I am woken at 5:50am by DS2 shouting “Mamaaa?!”.

I switch off my alarm and get up at about 6:15am when the shouting becomes insistent.

It’s father’s day so I wake DS1 and we go downstairs to make DH breakfast in bed.

The Plan

The tantalising glimpse of calm I got on day 1 has fuelled my desire to make this work, so I am now seriously contemplating getting up at around 5:15am each day. However, I know that this is extremely difficult for someone who clings to sleep the way I do, so for now I’m going to keep the alarm at 6:15am and after a week or so, I’m going to start moving it backwards. I will get there! Even if I have to go bed at 8pm every night!

Stay tuned.

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  1. Going to bed early really does help. I find it hard sometimes because I want to enjoy the quiet time at night as well! Quiet mornings help the entire day go better. I normally have mine with my 1 year old, who is perfectly content to sit and eat cereal as I enjoy my coffee.

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