Getting Past Indecision

I’ve stalled on sorting through my physical possessions.

I’ve done all the ‘easy’ categories, and what’s left is really tough.

For example:


A pile of stuff I never wear, but that was gifted to me or inherited. Bound up with emotion and impossible to sort out.


I don’t even know how to begin with these. Most of them need reading and I want to read them, really I do, but some of them have been sitting there for literally years waiting for their turn.

Sentimental records

Eugh. I don’t even like them and hate the thought of sorting through them, but can’t seem to chuck them away!
Completed! Read more here.


I really like my electronic bits and bobs. But a lot of them I don’t use.

Miscellaneous other crap

Office stationary type stuff, notebooks, general things… I don’t want all this stuff hanging around, but I might need it all someday…

Where do I go from here?

I feel really stuck.

When what I really need to do is get the hell in there and find freedom!

{Big sigh}

I’m just really struggling at the moment.

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