Getting Back Into It

Boo has learnt to climb up onto the sofa. She fell off head first the other day and has a nice bruise to show for it.

It’s funny, but when I’m happy and content, I find that my blogging inspiration dries up. When things are hard, or I’m suffering with self-doubt, I can write thousands of words – they just pour out of me and onto the screen.

I blame obsessive diary-writing for this as a teenager. All my teenage angst gave me so much practice in writing about emotions like frustration, anger and sadness, that it set me up to be a maudlin blogger for life. Writing about secondary infertility kept me going for three long years – there was so much emotion there I practically burned through my keyboard.

These days however, life is good. And my god I am grateful for it. I think partly I worry about somehow tempting fate to take all the good things away from me if I publicly talk about good things happening in my life. But partly it’s just that I’m happy. And my brain is less busy when I’m happy, which means the need to write (which is very cathartic for me) decreases.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t make for a) decent blogging and b) ever finishing any of the books I have started to write and not finished (because my mood affects my desire to write also, and writing is one of my big loves).


I’m going to try something new.

Firstly, I’m going to write a “On The List This Week” post at the start of each week. I love my lists, and this is a great way for me to be even more accountable to the massive list of things I want to get done. It also means I share what I’m up to and hopefully find other people doing similar things.

Secondly, I’m going to try posting more often, even if it seems like I have nothing to say (omg, I can hear you all clicking ‘unfollow’ now).

Thirdly, I’m going to try to find more bloggers out there like me. I really want to read and share and see what other people are up to. It’s really the most fun part about it. I struggle a bit with the WordPress reader, but I’ve been clicking around trying to find new blogs to follow and have a few new ones on my list now (yes, that’s you I’m stalking, mwah ha ha!).

So, without further ado, this weeks “On The List This Week” is late as it’s Wednesday, but here it is anyway:

  1. Start my tax return (yawn!)
  2. Do not buy any food except bare essentials like milk and bread (I am trying to use up everything in the cupboards/freezer/fridge as part of a money saving drive)
  3. Do two more runs
  4. Ring up and check what happened to my pension (I got a statement and its value had gone down by 20%)
  5. Start sorting out my photos (oh lordy – I am in a mess with these. My phone isn’t syncing with my desktop and everything is all over the place)
  6. List baby carrier and pro microphone on eBay
  7. Think about adding household accounts to YNAB (I am a total YNAB convert – it is the best personal budgeting tool I have ever used!)

That’s it for today!

8 thoughts on “Getting Back Into It”

  1. I am also a list person, but I seem to make work lists, never personal lists. Maybe I should try a start of the week personal list too, it sounds like it could be super helpful to keep me on track for the week! 🙂

  2. I love lists! Did I even accomplish it if I didn’t get to cross it off a to do list when I finished? And sharing the list with the world is a great way to stay accountable.

    • Haha! Yes – I have been known to add a task post-completion just to feel better about having done it ?

  3. I am another list lover! I’m obsessed by them.
    BTW – have you tried using Google photo’s to organise? It’s made my life tons easier. Instead of trying to carefully log and date each photo into their respective areas I let Google do the work with tags and just upload in any order. Plus is will sync from both phone and computer (I’m not sure how well it works on Apple products – I’m a devout android/Google person.

    • I haven’t – I wasn’t even aware google had a photo tool! I love google products and use loads for my business, but I am a hopeless apple addict so I tend to use just icloud and photos. I had a problem with my library corrupting on my mac ages ago and still haven’t sorted it out. My photos are all on icloud as I pay for storage but I just need to sit down and deal with it. Thing is, it’s stopping me doing other tasks like creating albums so my backlog is just getting bigger and bigger!

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