Five Pixels

I’d like to introduce my new mini biz: Five Pixels (don’t rush to click on that link – there is absolutely NOTHING there for you to look at yet update: the site is now live!).

I’m setting up on my own (eee!) and offering my services as a web developer, designer and manager. Since I love photography and have several years of editorial experience, I might also dabble in offering these services to local businesses.

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a reeeeeeally long time while baby F has been growing and growing, and now she is fast approaching her first birthday I’ve been beavering away at the computer when she naps getting set up and brushing up my skills. She starts three mornings a week at nursery in the second half of November, so I’ll be looking for clients to build my portfolio very soon.

I’ll be blogging about my freelance journey in general here (and going from earning zero to hopefully something over the next year or two), and I’ll also run more technical posts and case studies on my official site.

It is all very exciting!

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