First Run Of The Year

Oh my god. I have lost so much fitness.

I went out today to test the water – to see how much work I’ve got ahead of me if I sign up for this 10k. Dad is free to look after the children so it’s just a case of whether I can manage it or not…

I ran 2.34km today in 18 minutes. It was awful. Really horrible. For the first 500 metres everything in my body screamed at me to stop. My arthritis in my feet hurt, my lungs hurt, my legs hurt. And the wind was freezing cold, even though it was 9° and sunny. Then it was okay for about two minutes, and then the remaining time (which I mostly walked) was just spent calculating the shortest route home and wishing the wind would stop.

I cannot believe how fast you lose everything you work so hard to gain.

I planned to walk/run 3.9km, which is a circular route around our village, but I never would have made it.

Oh well. Maybe I’ll gain it back faster as it’s only been five months since I ran the Great South.

It was a bit of a much-needed reality check on how badly I have taken care of myself over the winter. Nonetheless, I am green-juicing again and I’ve done a run, so it’s all good. I’ve juiced every day this week so far and planning on continuing. Still not quite ready to commit to a big 8 week push to super-fitness. It makes me a bit nervous. But I know I really need it.

4 thoughts on “First Run Of The Year”

  1. I’m sorry you had such a rough first run! Hopefully you’re able to get back into it fairly quickly. I’ve gotten horribly, sadly out of shape as well. I get winded just going up our stairs now! 🙁 I have some work to do as well…though I’ll just be working on taking walks and slowly making them longer. Gotta start somewhere, right!?!?

    • Starting anywhere is good! Even just slow walks. And if you’re doing something, anything, then you’re doing better than everybody who’s still sat on the couch 🙂

  2. Your fitness will come back quickly!! It hasn’t been that long and it’s not like you’ve had an injury or carried a baby or something massive for your body. Mine tends to come back quicker than I expect. You can do it!! I’ve just started running again too after almost 2 months off exercise altogether! Eeeep!

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