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    • My phone does that! Feeling a bit better today, thank you, getting through the worst of it. Are you hungry or is it cravings? Both are so difficult to deal with esp on top of the daily parenting load. You have been doing brilliantly so if you get back on track a few cheats here and there won’t be too bad. Be forgiving – so hard to do with ourselves, I know. Think long-term too – a bad day here and there won’t derail your plans! Xxx

      • My issue has def been a craving. Not every day but I find on the weekend when the kids go with their dad for 24 hours I’m super tempted to cheat. Not the most recent weekend but he one before that I CRAVED pizza and a choc lava cake but managed to resist. The this last weekend when the day rocked around again my brain went there and I was all noooooo not again. I have no power to say no. I actually did say no to the chic lava cake but switched it too chips with cheese and gravy lol. I just grazed in the lot from lunch so didn’t have a specific lunch and dinner that day. But anyway, I thought I’d be good after that but instead took the kids for ice-creams on the Sunday night all because I wanted it. Ha!

        Enough about me. I’m glad you are starting to feel better. I do agree that a cheat here and there is fine, it’s just about containing it. Hope it is still going well and you aren’t dying from all the food prep. X

        • Ah – it’s being out of the routine that makes it so hard isn’t it? It’s the same for me – weekends are especially tricky as we almost always go for a coffee shop treat and it’s SO hard to not eat all the things. Sigh. I am hoping my tastes change enough over time that I don’t miss it so much … We can hope, right? ? x

          • We can 🙂 hehe I haven’t missed all the snacks so much to be honest. And my eating program tends to have quite a nice afternoon snack included so that helps!! After dinner is hardest for me as it seems to be hours without anything but tea lol

  1. I finally watched this. Baby F is sooooo cute. I am feeling you on the irrational toddler behaviour. We have had a tough week. Can’t believe she is two now!!! Crazy fast. Good work in the only one jelly baby. I’m going to go and see if the next vid works now. 🙂 Well fine!!

    • Ah thanks 🙂 I need to do an update but honestly not much has happened. I have just managed to shake the cold, so we’ll see how we go.

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