Finally Done

I finally passed everything last night.

— *TMI warning* 

To be honest, after so long I’d concluded that everything had either a) broken up and come out in tiny pieces, or b) had been mostly reabsorbed.

But it hadn’t. And oh my, I was not expecting it. In fact, the whole sac/placenta was bigger than I thought it would be. I’ll spare you the details of exactly how it happened – there are some things that even I can’t bring myself to write (not much though, ha ha!). But let’s just say I’m glad that it’s out.

It was such a shock just before bed that I ended up dreaming that

*Really TMI Warning*

instead of taking it to the bathroom and flushing it away I opened up the sac to have a look inside, and found a perfectly formed, transparent baby dragon. I think this is probably symbolic of my anxiety about growing a healthy baby and what might be wrong with my body to have so many losses, but either way, it was very vivid.

— *End TMI*

So there we go. I don’t know if it was the run, or the sex that got everything moving, but my miscarriage finally completed at 7 weeks 5 days (after spotting started at 5 weeks 2 days).

I did two tests again this morning. My ovulation test is still positive and my pregnancy test is now a squinter.


Sometimes I feel like I am living with a whole other person who I know nothing about…

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