Filing Cabinet Clear Out

A little while back I cleared out the conservatory. I should have taken a before picture, but I didn’t think about it (I just got stuck-in on a whim one afternoon). Here’s some after pics, bearing in mind I have three lovely children, so nothing is ever spotless:

minimalist conservatory

I cleared out loads of boardgames that the children weren’t using and Steve took the bench that ran along one side that held all the games and toys. All the board games we use are now packed in the left hand cupboard of the cabinet and all the little pieces have been rescued from the floor, under the sofa and around the house.

I also convinced Steve to take a floor lamp and the TV that I won¬†rather than buy a new one (we’re now a single TV household again which makes me happier anyway), so that cleared off the cabinet top too. The rest of the stuff just didn’t have an assigned home, so I either got rid of it or found a place for the things I wanted to keep. It looks much better and the children really like playing on the floor space in here.

minimalist conservatory

Just for fun, here’s a couple of pictures of how the conservatory used to look in the earlier days of my minimalist journey. The first one was¬†when I had a 2 year old and baby:

messy house
The horror!

This one was when both boys were toddlers. Oh man:

messy house with kids
More horror!


Anyway, moving on from my trip down memory lane, and getting to the point of the post:

Behind the French door on the left as you go in is a large, four drawer filing cabinet, known as The Bisley. You can see it through the glass on the second picture down. Everything goes in The Bisley. All household paperwork, kids artwork, research, documentation, manuals, printer paper, envelopes, folders, the lot. I have a plan, at some point in the future to go completely paperless, but that’s still a way off.

However, The Bisley was in need of a clear-out, so this morning I ruthlessly went through my papers. Three of the drawers I had already tackled because they contained stationary-type things and kids artwork that I am in the process of scanning/photographing for our family photo books.

The final drawer is filed in alphabetical order and contains everything about everything about the house, finances, insurance, pensions, medical records, and everything else.

home filing system

I went through every single folder and I think I managed to recycle about 30% of it. I also tied up a couple of loose ends that were knocking around for household bills, banking and pension forms (I’ve been consolidating all my accounts down to one main one – this is a still a work in progress).

I’ve got a couple of outstanding things I’ve added to my master to-do list, but now the conservatory is officially TIDY – Marie Kondo tidy (well, apart from the fact that she throws all paperwork away, but ANYWAY).

recycling paperwork

home filing system

And it feels great!

I absolutely love a neat and tidy space. It makes that area feel so light and airy and pleasant to be in. Not to mention that paperwork is one of my pet hates and to have it all dealt with and filed away makes me almost as happy as inbox zero :-).

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  1. What a pretty room! All those windows, I love it!
    Filing paperwork is one of my least liked tasks. When I lived in an apartment and my desk was in the middle of the living room, I filed things immediately. Now that the office is it’s own area that I don’t go in often, I pile everything that needs to be filed next to the printer for months until it’s falling over. Horrible habit, and it’s falling over now, so I really need to get in there. I just so dread doing it! Even though things look so much better afterwards! Great job!

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