Family Meal Success

Today, all four of us sat down at the table for our evening meal. This is a very rare occurence, probably happening about once every 6 weeks or so at present. It’s also something I want to “fix” – I think families should eat together as much as possible.

In the week, it’s almost impossible to arrange this, as DH doesn’t get in until close to 7pm some nights and rarely before 6pm. The boys are getting ready for bed by 6.30pm, so a family meal doesn’t fit in (unless of course, I push the boys bedtime back, which is a possibility although that would take up some of the evening time I have with DH).

At weekends though, there is no excuse. We are both usually around all the time, so feasibly could eat together as a family at least twice a week.

Today I made (made!) potato dauphinoise, sausages (from the Good Little Company) and broccoli. 10 month old DS2 scoffed the potatoes and broccoli with enthusiasm (much of it went on the floor). DS1 picked at it (unfamiliar food), and after a few mouthfuls and a 15 minute wait, I ended up making him a peanut butter sandwich. My potatoes were a little watery as I used a bit too much milk, and one of my sausages split and left it’s charred remains over all the other nicely browned ones. However! On the plus side:

1) We all sat down together for almost 30 minutes as a family
2) DS2 got to eat proper food, not processed baby food or annoying purees
3) DS1 got to eat try a proper dinner, not a 10 minute quick cook pasta or fishfinger tea
4) DH and I got to eat proper, home-cooked food, that didn’t actually take hours for me to prepare or use up every pan in the house.

So all in all, it feels like a success. I’m going to start recording our evening meals so I can (hopefully) watch them improve over time.

I’m fully expecting the evenings after we have both been at work to be the worst, but on the weekends I know I can do better.

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