Faint Positive at 6dpo

positive hcg test

OK, so I’m trying hard not to be totally over-the-top excited and squealing like a child.

Having had two chemical pregnancies this year already (and three miscarriages before that) I know that this is the start of a:




But knock-me-down-with-a-feather-and-call-me-Sheila, there was a line there this morning!

Here’s my chart. Can you guess why I tested?

may chart

I have never, ever had an implantation dip. But this month I just had a feeling something was going on.

  • I’ve had constant AF-like backache since ovulation (not usual for me)
  • Some very light discomfort in my uterus, not as strong as cramps. More like the odd twinge.
  • I have been unusually hungry.
  • And yesterday’s temperature dip was a first for me.
  • My two high temps are higher than usual (post-O I usually sit at about 98.3)

My pregnancy tests are extra sensitive, so I’ll do another test after a long hold (tmi).

This could turn out to be was just another chemical, so I’m trying not to get too excited…

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