Facebook Crap

I’ve been back on fb less than a year and already I hate it. I have a third the number of friends I had before (I jilted everyone in one go when I left and have only refriended the important ones), but still I can’t seem to avoid how crap it makes me feel!

Firstly I have a friend of 35 years who posts naked men, awful language and loads of really tacky shares about rude things. She posts mainly for her mum and sister, but I end up with it all in my feed. I’m not a prude, but I really just don’t want to see all that!

Secondly, there are two regular users who have completely ignored the two pregnancy posts I have made (my announcement at about 16 weeks and my scan result being good yesterday). One of these is my father-in-law. He uses fb jointly with my mother-in-law, but between them, although they have liked and commented on other posts, they have totally ignored my two baby posts. Why?? I know I am going to be super-sensitive about this subject, but to not even click the like button?! They’ve never been onboard with the third baby idea – ever. But they’ll be lining up for cuddles and a visit after it’s born, I bet. So hypocritical. The other person who ignored the posts is a long-time single man who has been desperate to settle down for years, so I can understand that maybe pregnancy isn’t exactly what he wants to see in his feed. We’ve known each other 20 years though, so you’d think he could at least click ‘like’. 


Actually, there isn’t a thirdly. I think I’m just pissed off because my son’s teacher seems to blank me whenever I see her. She has this knack of actually looking through me and today she didn’t show the class his swimming certificate which he took in (and was so proud of), and he was really upset when he came home. Blanking me is fine, but not my son! She also didn’t tell me that he was hit by another boy (hard enough it left a mark on his chin). Worst of all, she’s never bloody there on a Friday, so I’ve got the whole weekend with all this unresolved angst going around my head about what happened and what I need to say about it.

And on top of that I have this whole other dilemma going on concerning my mum and our choice of girl’s names… Sigh. That’s definitely one for another post.

Last of all, our 12 year old neighbour knocked on our door for the sixth time this year today wanting to borrow the phone because her mum was at work/missing/lost and she couldn’t get into her own house. She told me she thought everyone had gone to the hospital to visit her sick grandma and left her, but then she said her mum and brother might just be asleep in the house and have not heard her knocking… She borrowed our phone and as happens every time got no answer. I can’t work out if she is a bit lonely and looking for company, or if her family just don’t seem to remember they have a 12 year old girl to look after?! I was a bit short with her and then felt guilty about it afterwards.

Today has just been one of those days where eveything has gotten my back up. I probably need to chill out and just accept that I can’t change anyone else.

And maybe have an early night.

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