Everything In Its Place

I’m zooming ahead on the organisation front (well, catching up a bit faster than previously is probably a better way of putting it). I sorted all my digital photos out today and have backed them up onto disk. I should write 100 lines of “I will not dump photos all over my hard drive without labelling them properly,” but the two hours it took to put them all in order in one place (so I can actually find what I’m looking for amidst the 2,000 odd shots I’ve taken), was probably punishment enough.

I’ve also discovered Streamload, which gives you 10GB of free online storage, a groovy interface, and a nice little app you can drag and drop all your important files into for upload. The downloads are limited (you can get more upload and download if you upgrade to a paid account), but it’s still absolutely perfect as a photo archive and means I can stop worrying about the house burning down, or a burglar stealing both my PC and all my photo backup disks all at the same time. Yay.

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