Evaporation Line Test

Indulge me.

This is the most exciting thing to happen to me since my chemical pregnancy in May 2013.

For my second wee of the day I decided to do a scientific experiment.

I dipped two sticks into urine and then a control stick into some mineral water.

Why mineral water? Because tap water tends to contain traces of residual pharmaceuticals, such as painkillers, birth control hormones and the like, and mineral water was the cleanest liquid I could find in a rush (yes, yes, I could have collected the steam from the kettle, I know).

Anyway, here’s a photoshop’d picture to show the three tests together – I applied an equalise filter to make the lines easier to see.

You can clearly see that the water test has no line at all. The photo was taken after 5 minutes.

So, these faint, faint, faint lines are not evaporation lines.


My logical brain is now slightly happier about the reliability of my tests (Instalert 10miu from Access Diagnostics if anyone is looking for a reliable early detection test).

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