Evaporation Line Paranoia

I couldn’t help myself.

But I couldn’t hold any longer than 2.5 hours either.

I did another test and it was negative. Although 2.5 hours isn’t a very long hold when you’re trying to detect teeny levels of HCG.

But I’ve been googling images of evaporation lines and thinking maybe it’s just that.

Although my boobs are a bit sore today (again, unusual for me this early) and I just feel pregnant.

It’s hard to explain.

It could all be nothing.

It could be phantom symptoms from me convincing myself that this was going to be the month.

And the fact that my temperature is currently 98.9 might not mean anything (the only time it’s ever that high is when I’m ill).

I read this morning’s test after 10 minutes (it said 5, but I took a shower), so it wasn’t dry and the line was clearer when it was wet than it is now. That should mean it isn’t an evap, right?


I can’t bear the suspense!

2 thoughts on “Evaporation Line Paranoia”

  1. I read the previous post, and I can see the line! I’ve heard than when the line has colour it is not an evap line, and i see a oink line in the pic. Now stop testing and check again in the morning, patience little grasshopper!

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