Economy Drive: Cloth Nappies

tots bots nappies

Well, I’m now in my fourth month as a stay at home mum and I have officially run out of money.

Not only that, but when I reconciled my accounts last night I was £200 overdrawn.


So we’re onto a bit of an economy drive now to see if I can claw that back over the next few months.

No.1 on the list of money saving activities is: WASHABLE NAPPIES

I have a great pile of them upstairs, half of which were bought for DS1 and half for DS2. I’ve chopped and changed and sold quite a few of my original ones on ebay and have settled happily into a combination of the tots bots (both all-in-one and the nappy+wrap system) and a pile of bambinex bamboo nappies with wraps.

However, I am really rubbish at using them all the time. I tend to use them for a few days at a stretch, then switch back to disposables, then swap again, then swap back.

There are a few reasons for this:

1) I’ve never been brave enough to use them at night, so the last nappy of the day is always a disposable. Then, when I get DS2 up in the morning if he’s wearing a disposable it just seems easier to reach for another one…

2) I send him to nursery in a disposable nappy two mornings a week. Nursery do deal with washables, but the thought of having to unwrap a poo along with all the other lunchboxes and bags when the boys get home really puts me off. And when he comes home in a disposable it just seems easier to reach for another one…

3) If you don’t build up a decent pile of dirty nappies every 1-2 days then washing them seems really wasteful, so if I know I’ve got a nursery day it’s a good reason for me not to use them at all.


I reverted back to washables yesterday and tackled problem no.1 immediately by putting DS2 in a washable overnight. And this morning? No leaks!!

He’s older now, and not drinking tons of milk every day, so his nappies aren’t anywhere near as wet.

This is great news, as I really have had a terrible phobia of leaked wee overnight and poor DS2 (and DS1 when he was wearing nappies) sleeping in a wet bed, etc., etc. so have never, ever put either of them in a washable at bedtime.

Of course, my added incentive this time around is that I have no money to buy nappies and I have a perfectly good pile of reusable ones upstairs, so let’s see if I can stick to them this time.

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