Ebay Target Located

Mum went for a walk today that lasted more than 5 minutes, the result of which was Steve and I driving around in the car looking for her like she was our lost child. The doc said she needs to build walking up gradually after the heart attack, so you can imagine my fears when she had been out for 20 minutes, even though it was a nice sunny day.

As you can probably guess, she was home waiting for us when we got back, reading the paper and looking totally unflustered (unlike me, who went out in public without a shower and dirty hair – the shame). She had walked up the road and found a nice bench to sit on in the sun, while I’d been imagining more trips to the hospital and preparing explanations to the rest of my family about how I could have let her go out and collapse in the street.

And then Seagate the goldfish, who had a little patch of missing scales when we got him yesterday, looked a bit worse for wear this evening. It almost looked like one of the others had bitten him. So I executed emergency quarantine and have put him in his own little tank for the next few days to see how he gets on. It’s quietened down now, and Steve is busy industriously listing things for sale on ebay, so I have indulged myself and found a wonderful, wonderful (oh, they are so going to be mine), retro pair of shoes that I am going to win this week on ebay. Heh heh.

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