Despite having spent the best part of this year in California so far, I have never felt even the tiniest hint of an earthquake.


On Saturday night, just after midnight, the earth actually moved. We were at home playing Half Life in a darkened flat and we’d been killing dodgy looking monsters of science gone wrong for a while when all of a sudden everything just seemed to… move!

At first I thought I’d been playing Half Life too long, but then another tremor happened – and this time there was no mistaking it. The flat actually wobbled. For what can have lasted no more than a second, the apartment we live in felt like it was made of balsa wood. We went straight to the internet to check the earthquake monitor: (update: data for old quakes has been removed, and the site restructured).

It was real mini-quake – about 10 miles from where we live and 3.1 on the scale, yay!

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