Early Rising – Still Trying


This is a very tough lifestyle change.

Yesterday DS2 was awake at 5:15am. I can’t beat that 🙁

Today, for the first time since day 1, my children were still asleep at 6:15am and my soothing, gentle wake-up music lulled me into the day. It was so much nicer than being jolted awake by a small person poking you in the face, or an even smaller person shouting “Mamaaaa!!” as loud as they can.

I lay in bed for 5 minutes, enjoying the calm and fantasizing about the cup of tea that I was going to go downstairs and make, when DS2 suddenly woke up and started yelling for me.

Did he sense I was awake?

I am so tired in the day from waking up at 6:15am, but I’m getting no benefit from it as the boys are almost always awake and I don’t want to get up and encourage them to start the day even earlier than they currently do.

Currently I am just waking up to lie in bed and listen to them!

I think I need an even earlier night, and an earlier alarm if this is going to work.

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