Drinking Water Makes OPKs Redundant

Update: this entire post is actually redundant because I got my positive opk an hour after posting this. Hah! Oh what endless fun ttc is.

I bought a pack of opks.

Of course I did. You all know I can’t just leave this to fate and I have to have some semblance of control over something because I am a control freak with OCD tendencies.

I can’t control my eggs, but I sure as hell can control knowing when they’re coming 😉

Anyway, I bought a pack of opks.

And I’m pretty sure I ovulated this morning (I get very distinct pain).

But I haven’t had a single positive opk in the last 3 days.

I’m an old hand at this game: two children, 6 losses, 22 months of TTC this time round (with a slight hiatus at the end of last year).

I get positive opks EVERY month. Without fail. I ovulate every month. Without fail.

I fully expect to see a temperature rise tomorrow or Monday morning at the latest. I am currently temping only for the days around ovulation just so I know it has occurred.

But my positive opk is missing.

The reason?

It has to be the water I am drinking.

Since last November I’ve been guzzling around 2 litres a day as part of an ongoing incentive to be a healthier me.

And I think that all that water is diluting my LH so I can no longer detect it.

Who knew!

7 thoughts on “Drinking Water Makes OPKs Redundant”

  1. And then you got it! haha Rose. Too funny. Hey I’ve decided to open that anonymous blog after all as I’m dying to blog about some of this stuff too. SUCH a pain in the arse as I’ve had to do it under a completely separate profile to be anon but anyway, I’ve done it. You can find it here: PS Just started that anonymous blog I was talking about. You can find it at http://thesecretlifeofemilymaine.wordpress.com/ . I’m fine if all the bloggy friends know about it. Just trying to keep it away from the friends and family I am sometimes writing about LOL

  2. That’s happened to me too. As someone who drinks 2 – 3+ litres of water a day because of my nasty interstitial cystitis all that water really has messed around my OPK results. But it must feel great to be getting so healthy. Your bod is loving you for it I’m sure. You’re pretty with it when it comes to your body’s signals so I’m sure your mittelschmerz is telling you something the LH can’t. xx

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