Downsizing Children’s Toys – Update

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It’s only been two weeks since I first decided to tackle the flood of toys in our house.

In my original plan I said I would remove a box of toys every four weeks, but I’ve revised this as I soon realised it would take months and months to see any kind of change. Instead I am now going to remove a box every 2 weeks, but I will still keep the toys for 8 weeks in the loft before sorting and donating them.



  1. After my initial tidy up of every toy in the house and moving them all to one area I realised more had to be done sooner to stop me going crazy with the mess.
  2. When I made the list of how my children like to play I realised just how much they prefer doing imaginary games and other activities with me rather than playing with plastic representations of things in the real world.

So, tonight, another box has been collected up, and I’ve been braver and gone for a bigger item (the pirate ship) that is never really used. It didn’t fit in the box, so I filled the box AND took the ship. Up into the loft they go.

What about the first box? How did it go?


  1. They haven’t asked for anything that I took away, or even seemingly noticed anything missing.
  2. I can’t even remember what I put in there, which is kind of worrying.

All going well so far, am looking forward to the next box and can’t wait to actually feel confident enough to start streaming toys out of the house completely.

Incidentally, there’s a fantastic summary here of the benefits of having less toys – anytime I start to waver I just read this and feel confident I am not being a cruel and evil Mama!

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