Door To Door


A woman knocks on the door.

I find door-to-door sales really irritating, but these people are just doing their jobs so I am determined to be kind, even if she tries to sell me double glazing.

Hi, I’m doing a survey and I’m looking for a lady…

She chuckles uncomfortably.

Although I’m sure you’re not…

I raise my eyebrows.

She continues:

I don’t mean to be rude…

I blink at her.

She looks awkwardly at me.

I’m looking for a lady who is…

She scans her clipboard and pokes her finger at it

…under 24.

She looks up from her clipboard.

I keep my smile fixed in place, although it is even less genuine now than when I opened the door.

No, I’m not.

No… no… I didn’t think you were…

She is shaking her head and walking away, smiling sadly.

I take my rictus grin back inside and shut the door gently.

8 thoughts on “Door To Door”

  1. Ok, first of all, what company sends people door to door with that specific of a demographic to survey? That is a terrible, terrible way to try to get survey results. Second, clearly this poor employee was not properly trained in how to reach said demographic, do her job, and conduct the survey. Again, failure on the part of the company, not the employee who was put in this terribly awkward position. It did make me chuckle just a little, though. I’m sure it was more embarrassing for her than for you, the poor thing! All that being said, I have to say that you look AMAZING and I always forget you are as old as you are! (hope that didn’t come out wrong!) You look far, far younger than your age, for sure. 🙂

    • Eee thanks 🙂 This comment has far outshone the dodgy door woman who thought I was on the verge on collecting my pension 😀 XXX

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