Doctors and Nurses

Been awake on and off since about 5am this morning. Had to go to the doctors at 8.30 for a smear test (eugh), which I almost forgot about. Also saw the doctor, and asked for his advice on having a cholesterol test. I only booked the appointment a couple of weeks ago, as my Dad has had high cholesterol for a number of years (he’s in his late 50s), and I really just wanted some reassurance. Of course, with what happened to mum the day before yesterday on top of that, the doctor gave me the lab form immediately and said I could go in tomorrow morning to give a blood sample.

After that I collected my brother and we drove over to the hospital. Mum looked about the same, but she seemed to be in a lot of pain, and complained of the various tubes going in and out. She was fidgety and clearly just wanted to get out of bed and get rid of all the wires and stuff. Little Bro and I ate lunch in the hospital and then went back up to sit with mum, but after about 5 minutes the nurse said they were going to remove the balloon pump and could we wait outside. Almost an hour later, they said we could go back in, but that it had been very difficult to remove and they had given her morphine to help with the pain. Mum wasn’t looking too good and still seemed to be in a lot of pain, although at least they’ve taken out some of the tubes now. She wasn’t really up to chatting, so we left her to try and get some sleep. I dropped Little Bro off, called my Nan (much better conversation than last night’s), and then drove home. Four hour round trip in the car, and it feels like it’s been long day. Hopefully they are going to move her to a nearer hospital tomorrow, which will be much better. I guess it depends how she is overnight and in the morning.

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