Discovering the Sims

Lombard Street

We went to San Francisco for a few hours on Saturday and pottered around with Martin from work.

We tried to go to Alcatraz but the tours were all fully booked – another of Martin’s failed attempts to get in… kind of weird when you think of how many people must have been desperate to get out over the years.

Steve has bought The Sims, so on Sunday I spent about 4 hours playing it. I always knew this game would be highly dangerous and I would end up totally addicted. I created 5 Sims and 4 of them died, which I felt a bit upset about. None of Steve’s died. I then spent all night dreaming about them. I’ve thought about them all day.

They’re in my head!

2 thoughts on “Discovering the Sims”

  1. Hi Faye!
    Totally love your website. Your pictures are fantastic. San Fran looks amazing, and am glad you took a shot of the loo so that I can experience your apartment properly!! Those trees were unbelievable. Looks like you and Steve are having a brilliant time, and we can’t wait to see you soon!
    Lots of Love, Algey and Lloydy x
    p.s if you need bereavement counselling for the Sims people, you know where to come! ha ha

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