Detox and Dry Skin (4 Weeks of More Raw)

I have noticed that my skin has become incredibly dry over the last few weeks.

The back of my hands look so old, my legs itch and feel tight under my jeans and my eczema/unindentified rash on my waist area has been terrible.

Weirdly, it seems that others have had the same thing happen to them when eating more raw foods.

I’ve read a couple of explanations for it in raw forums, but the general consensus seems to be drink more water and wait. Hydrated skin is on its way.

I hope so.

Here is my weird rash (I think it’s eczema) just before I started eating more raw.

This is pretty much how it looks on and off all the time. It is the same on both sides of my waist and I’ve had it for years:

eczema rash

Here it is three weeks in. Painful, sore, itching like hell and it had spread almost around my whole body (I very nearly booked a doctors visit, which I never do):

eczema rash eczema rash

And here it is today (4 weeks in). Pain all gone. Still itching a bit, but I’m much more comfortable and it’s almost back to it’s normal size:

eczema rash

Weird eh?

I’m such a sceptic about the whole “detoxing” thing, that I can’t quite believe that this is due to a change in diet, but I have no other explanation. I’ve stopped using all soaps, detergents and commercial moisturisers (posts to come), so this is really strange.

Although I guess if my body is chucking out this kind of crap, or I’m having some massive toxin “die-off” internally, then it’s no wonder I’m not bloody pregnant.

I guess I’ll just keep eating veg 😉

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