Destination Seattle

I”ve been taking antibiotics for three days now, and although my face has gone back to normal, and my wisdom tooth is not causing so much pain, I have other symptoms –

My head hurts all the time.
I can”t find anything I want to eat.
I feel nauseous all the time.

I’m taking Metronidazole which works by “killing anaerobic bacteria in your soft tissues.” It enters their bodies and interferes with their DNA so they can’t reproduce. Nice.

Travel news:

I am off to Seattle on Sunday.

Just when all travel for business seemed like it was a long distant memory, I”m suddenly being whisked off to the airport for a week in Washington. Fun, fun, fun. The trusty Lumix will be accompanying me, so I can photo-chronicle the trip. Steve will be home to take care of the fish.

We’re off out later with mum for her birthday. We’re going out to eat, but I can’t imagine a single thing that I might actually want and I can’t have any wine either because the antibiotic stops me processing alcohol and I’ll be violently ill if I drink any now and for 48 hours after I finish taking the tablets on Sunday.

When it comes to your health it really is worth being evangelical enough about it to never get ill in the first place.

But you only ever think that when you”re sick.

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